June 5, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Because our summer calendar didn't get the memo that it's SUMMER and time to slow down and smell the flowers, things have been happening at a breakneck pace around here. Among a flurry of appointments and weekends away, the last few weeks have also involved several long camping trips for Jonathan, which has left me ample time to explain to the toddler that daddy was away on a special trip. And once the word camping was mentioned, well, it was all over.

So for the past twenty-one days, we have been experiencing a phenomenon that we like to call "begging." Because, as God was his witness, the toddler wanted to go camping with Daddy. Pronto. So once my husband returned from his latest trip and heard how desperate our son was to sleep under the stars, Jonathan offered to take him on a backyard camping trip.

And whoa. The talk about sleeping in a FORT! and eating HOT DOGS! amped up times a thousand.

So like a great papa, Jonathan pulled out our portable fire pit on Saturday night and set up the tent while I gathered together the makings of a hot dog smorgasbord. 
Let There be Fire
Roasting with Daddy
So Proud
First S'more of the Season
The result was a s'more-covered toddler who was absolutely beside himself with excitement to eat hot dogs and to get to spend some quality time with his Daddy. 

After the guys had been settled into the tent for the night and I walked back into the house where Evelyn was already fast asleep in her crib, I peeked out the kitchen window and watched my boys play with their flashlights on the tent ceiling. And in that moment, I couldn't have been more grateful that Nathaniel has the kind of father who would go to such lengths to spend special time with his son. Thanks, Jonathan.


  1. Very cute! THe one time my husband tried to go camping with my toddler son, it was just a big disaster!!! I'm sure my eagle scout of a husband will keep on trying until he succeeds!

  2. How cute :) your son looks so happy!