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June 19, 2012

Grasping the Concept

We live near a fire station so there's always sirens going off in our neighborhood... even at 2am when they go screaming down our road at a deafening volume. (Yes, please note the Mom Tone I've used here.) But in order to keep the firetrucks and an absolute barrage of ambulances from being scary to the little man, we've taken a proactive approach to MAKING! AMBULANCES! FUN!

After all, with the toddler's propensity for base jumping from our upstairs railing, it won't be long before he'll be riding in one of those white chariots.

So as soon as he hears a firetruck squealing down our street, he hollars, SIRENS, MAMA! Then he stops, bows his head and folds his hands. Usually, his prayer goes something like, Dear Jesus, please help the people in need. Amen. Sweet, simple, to the point, and fully awesome for MAKING! AMBULANCES! FUN!

The other day, I was standing in the kitchen making dinner when yet another siren screeched by our house. I called to Nathaniel and asked him what we say. He paused and thought a moment, then folded his hands and said, God is great. God is good. Let us thank him for our food. Amen.

I think it's safe to say that he understands the concept... but we're still working on the execution.

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