June 11, 2012


With the recent influx of weather that doesn't include sleet or snow, we've been itching to get outside with the kiddos. After scouring thousands of online reviews for the right baby seat for Evelyn and a trip to a local bike shop to pick up my bike, we were fully decked-out in cycling gear and ready to ride.

The kids were getting pretty antsy as we were trying to get out the door so we ended up with a minimal number of photos of the whole experience, but managed to stop for just a quick moment to snap a couple.
Nathaniel, wearing his Lightening McQueen helmet, was in his happy place being pulled behind his Daddy as he constantly peeked out the window of the bugger to check on Mommy and Evie. I think I heard, "MOMMY! WE'RE BIKING!" no fewer than six hundred times during our ride.
Matching with Mom
Meanwhile, Evelyn and I enjoyed a peaceful ride until the road got a little bumpy and then homegirl was NOT happy. In fact, if you were recently in the metro area and you heard what sounded like the severe weather siren going off, that was just my kid wailing until we got back to the smoother roads. (And yes, we do have matching helmets in the photo. Because this is the only age that I can pull this off with her when she will think that it's cool.)

Despite the brief but very loud display of emotion from the baby, by the time we got everybody home and started to pull our helmets off, there were smiles all around. Our first family bike ride will go down in the books as a success... but just wait until they realize that we can bike down to the ice cream shop. Whoa, boy. This is gonna be a good summer.

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