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May 28, 2012

Up a Tree

At this house, rock climbing runs in our blood. Jonathan and I regularly talk about climbing, when we'll be going in the future, and what routes and/or mountains we'd like to conquer next. So it's been little wonder that Nathaniel has been practically begging to go with us for the past few weeks. Meanwhile, he's climbing everything in sight, including his bedroom ledge, toolbench, and per his latest request, the tree in our backyard.
Toddler in a Tree 1
After listening to his little voice begging to Cwimb twee, Mama! while we were playing outside, I finally gave in and lifted him to the lowest branch. At that point, he pretty much took over pulling himself up and around to peek in between the branches.
Toddler in a Tree 4
While I stood close by, simultaneously giggling at his unabashed joy and terrified that he could tumble off of the branch at any moment, I couldn't help but to remember how I used to love climbing trees as a child too.
Toddler in a Tree 3
I watched my little boy's imagination run wild as he played by the leaves and remembered the time that I climbed to the very top of a white pine tree (several hundred feet tall) as a child... much too high for my mother's comfort. Fifteen years later, I finally sympathized with her worry as I hovered nearby, ready to catch Nathaniel if he should slip.
Toddler in a Tree 2
But in true little boy fashion, he was more at home in the tree than he was on the ground and he stayed securely planted til it was time to check on his sister who was playing in the grass nearby. All in all, our first tree-scaling experience was a raving success, but I'm still thanking my lucky stars that we don't have any white pines on our property.


  1. Such a sweet post to go with the equally cute photos....Great closing too.