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May 1, 2012

Thrifting Woes

Last week, we headed out to Goodwill for a bit of treasure-hunting and mouth-breathing goodness. Let's face it- Goodwill just has that special kind of odor. The same odor you might find if you went four days without showering and dared to come within a mile of your armpits. THAT kind of odor.

So with our noses firmly plugged and our hearts set on finding all sorts of treasures (antiques for me, board books for the toddler), we snagged a cart and began winding our way through the aisles of used stereos and flip flops.

Because things were going so smoothly, Evelyn picked that point in time to take a poo in her diaper. Though it probably would've been just as sanitary to toss her on that pink velvet couch for a diaper change as it would've to actually find a restroom, I just couldn't bring myself to do either (mostly because we had forgotten to bring an extra diaper) so I picked her up and promised that we would hurry.

Our final stop was the china. As I stood there, debating whether or not to purchase two vintage serving platters, I heard the tell-tale tinkling of glass behind me. The kind of tinkling noise that says Look at me, Mom. Guess what I'm doing. Turn around! I dare you! No, really! You're going to love this!

I turned around and the following occurred:

Me: Nathaniel! NO! We do not play with the plates.

Nathaniel: [Reaching for more plates]

Me: Nathaniel. Mama said NO.

Nathaniel: [Looks at Mama]


And that was when he grabbed a plate, looked at me, and threw it full-force down at the floor where it shattered into roughly a billion pieces. So with a fussy baby and a toddler who was throwing plates like it was an Olympic sport, we rushed through the checkout line after informing the little man that he had lost the privilege of buying his choo-choo book for intentionally disobeying.

Yes, there were many tears that morning, but valuable lessons were learned by all. The toddler learned that plate throwing doesn't benefit his book collection. It also wins him an all-expense paid trip to an early naptime. And the moral of my story was that thrifting is far more enjoyable when little hands and feet remain in the cart at all times.


  1. Don't you just love the look of difiance they give you? If it wasn't for the disobedience, it'd be almost cute. ; )

    1. Oh my goodness- you just KNOW the look. It's the one that says I KNOW I SHOULDN'T BUT I DON'T CARE.

  2. Oh dear! It's like they sprout little horns! Good for you in how you handled it though. : )

    1. Thanks! It was really hard to take away his book (it was Thomas the Train and he LOVED it), but I knew that I had to discipline him or he would be smashing plates until he's eighteen!