May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Toddler Snuggles
Baby Snuggles
Toddler Smooches
With the Godparents
Mom and Daughters
Tuckered Out
Our Mother's Day was AWESOME. It was the very definition of perfection and I'm still floating on the high that comes from being shown real appreciation by a toddler for the day.

I awoke yesterday morning to a box being pushed across the bed and a little voice singsonging, HAP-BIRFDAY, MAMA! And then when the hubs reminded him that it was Mother's Day, he shouted, HAP-BIRFDAY... HAP-MOTHER'S DAY, MAMA! And then he gave me a sweet personalized necklace from himself and Evelyn (though I hear tell that the hubs may have "helped" them pick it out, that thoughtful man of mine).

And then we were up and celebrating our special day! We were able to spend some dedicated time with each of our mothers and to top it all off, yesterday my little girl was dedicated in our church. Even thought we were all plumb tuckered out by the end of the day, it was a day that I will always remember for the precious time spent with friends and family and the minimal number of tantrums from a toddler who was on his best behavior.

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