May 10, 2012

Life, According to My iPhone

Good Morning More Ikea Fun
Ikea Fun Bye Bye Allergies Snack Picnic Naptime Snuggles At the Doc Vintage Dress, Modern Smile
Drilling Mobile Baby
There's really nothing quite like waking up with a toddler screeching in your face, as Evelyn recently discovered. Fun at Ikea. More fun at Ikea (his idea to create a makeshift hat, not mine). Playtime with her toys. Snack break with the babe and toddler in the living room. Snuggling with the little lady before her nap. At the pediatrician's office with my gal. A vintage dress with a modern smile. Helping Daddy on the deck by drilling into our chairs. I put her down on the edge of the rug and walked back into her room a moment later to see this... someone who is now MOBILE.

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