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May 2, 2012

Life, According to My iPhone

Peek! Tongues
Giggles at the Puppy Fiesta Time
Music with Bubba With Mommy
Baby Blues Spring
Lego Domain To Build
Playtime at the park... peeking out! We are teaching the art of photo-bombing at our house, you know, complete with sticking out our tongues (this is step one). Laughing at Grandma's doggie. Getting ready to rock his rendition of the Happy Birthday Song for Auntie Anna before we get our cake faces on. Music with Bubba, at the toddler's request. Wearing Mommy's old dress. Baby blues and demonstrating her expert use of a sippy. Flowers are out and are on my kitchen table! Single family home, great neighborhood (but no bathroom and it's on-street parking only). Constructing a stairway/tunnel/garage for our Lego creation as the little lady supervises.

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