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May 22, 2012

The Influencer

This last weekend, we were lucky enough to spend Sunday morning with my sister who happened to be in town. After church, we headed over to Chipotle for some burrito magic, claimed ourselves a table, and dug into our food. Halfway through Nathaniel's CHEZ! DILLA! (translation: cheese quesadilla), a couple with their little girl sat down next to us.

Nathaniel was beside absolutely beside himself to have another little person nearby, even though the girl was probably about a year younger than himself. And so he just about lost his mind trying to be friendly.

Nathaniel: People! Hi! Baby! Hi! Mommy, mommy look! There's baby! Mommy! There's baby!

Me: Yes, there's a little girl over there, dude.

Nathaniel: HI BABY!!! HI! HI! HI! Waves! I'm wavin' to baby! DOUBLE WAVES!!!

At that point, my son was hanging out of his high chair as far as humanly possible into the aisle to try to wave with some extra enthusiasm to the little girl. That was when my sister leaned over to Nathaniel, gave me a devilish smile, and whispered into his ear. And when he opened his mouth again and hollared across the restaurant, I saw a future Friends star in the making.

Nathaniel: Hey baby! How YOU doin'?


  1. BAHAHAHA! I love Friends! That is hysterical!

    1. The best part is that he has continued saying it since this weekend. Mostly to complete strangers, of course!