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May 16, 2012

Baking 101

One of the newest developments around these parts is the beginning of cooking lessons for the little guy. It all started when I asked if he would like to bake cookies with me while we were picking up groceries at Target one day... and he responded with an enthusiastic COO-KIES!!!!!! that was heard by the entire store. So after the cookie experience, we decided to undertake the staple food of every college student across the country: brownies from a box. Both healthy (if you really use your imagination and justify the two eggs as an essential part of the recipe) and undeniably delicious.

The little dude helped me count out how much oil and water we were putting into the batter, though that was challenging, since everything we count these days is "five" regardless of whether or not there are five of any items in the vicinity. But the mixing, oh the mixing, was right up his alley. And to his credit, most of the batter even stayed in the bowl! Brownies for the win!Cooking

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