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May 3, 2012

At Least He's Honest

In our house, we've instituted a rule about the pacifier. Yes, the toddler still uses one but now that we're enforcing that it stays in bed and can only be used when he's sleeping, things are going pretty smoothly. Except for the days when he decides that he doesn't want to nap and insists on getting up to play. And that's where the rule comes in... if we get up to play, we get a warning... and then we lose the privilege of the paci. [Insert doomsday music and lots of toddler screaming here]

Recently, I put the toddler down for his daily nap and went upstairs to do some chores when I heard a few tell-tale noises from the general vicinity of the kids' rooms. Because I was pretty sure that Evelyn wasn't playing with a hammer and toolbench, I headed straight down for Nathaniel's room where I discovered that he had turned on his light and was merrily playing away. I gave him his warning and then it took everything within me not to burst out laughing when he decided to be brutally honest.

Me: Nathaniel, you have to stay in bed. What happens if you get out of bed again?

Nathaniel: Take nookie away.

Me: That's right. Are you going to stay in bed?

Nathaniel: ...

Me: Nathaniel?

Nathaniel: Um... no. I'm not.


  1. Ahahaha...take the nookie away! Good one! Whatever works right? LOL
    Loved the post-so funny to see how motherhood can really be the same across the board!

  2. Isabelle has done this before! I asked if she was going to stay in bed...and she PAINFULLY replied "No...." because she doesn't lie! LOL! Gotta love the honesty!