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May 9, 2012

21 Miles

First Morning
From the Ridge
The View
The Clan
To Camp
In the Rain
The Falls
Suspension Bridge
This past weekend, the hubs and I headed out with two other couples to do some backpacking up the North Shore. With the littles safely dropped off at the grandparents' house for the weekend, we kicked off the fun on Friday night, tromping through the woods by light of headlamps and the moon. We arrived at our campsite a few hours later and crashed in our tents for a few hours before heading back out in the morning. While our weekend was a little on the damp side, it was nothing that a pair of handwarmers and a hot water bottle couldn't fix. And as for using the latrine when the temperatures were in the thirties? That, my friends, was a spiritual experience.

I had never gone backpacking "officially" in the past, even though I had grown up camping and hiking every single summer so this was one item off of my bucket list. And thanks to the company of some awesome friends and a 21-mile adventure that none of us will ever forget, I can't wait for our next trip!


  1. Lucky! Beautiful pictures, and Loving those pigtails :)

    1. Thanks- and the pigtails worked great so I didn't have to mess with my hair. Definitely a win-win for the great outdoors!

  2. Trying to follow you - I'm new to blogging and can't find how to follow :) I'm a 25 yr old stay at home mom so it would be fun to view posts!

    1. No problem! I got rid of the Google Friend Connect widget here on the blog and I've been meaning to redesign and install an email following system so my readers can just get posts in their inboxes. But until I get that done, you can use Google Reader (which is what I use to read other blogs)- just enter adventuresofthestayathomemom [dot] com into the "Subscribe" option and then you'll see all the new posts as they come through. Or you could like the fan page on Facebook and see new posts in your newsfeed!

      On a totally different topic, I checked out your blog and your daughter is such a cutie :)