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April 27, 2012

Sweet Finds: BabbaBox

Stickers and Markers
Card Art
Say Cheese
Awhile back, the folks over at BabbaCo sent out their monthly box to the toddler and I for some creative fun. For those of you who don't know, BabbaCo is a subscription service that sends out a box of child-safe goodies every month- with a little something thrown in for mom (or dad) too. And let me tell you, as we were hitting the pre-dinner meltdown, this box was a lifesaver. Need a quick art project? Something to keep those little hands occupied besides the knobs on your dishwasher? SCORE.

Every box comes with a theme to help teach little ones an important trait based on four areas that are part of every box: create, explore, story tell, and connect. Our box had a theme of gratitude and came equipped with a few art projects, a good-for-one Apple app that matched the theme of the month, and even a book to help drive the lesson home. Nathaniel rocked the art projects (hello, Picasso) and let me tell you... he was darn grateful for the child-friendly camera that came with that box. I may or may not be super excited to finish off the role so I can see the pictures that he's snapped over the last few days!

Overall, we loved our box of goodies, except that I really wish there was an option to customize the box based on the age of the child. While Nathaniel goes slightly ape over a good book, putting him in the vicinity of a book with paper pages is akin to setting a bull loose in a china shop. Oh, the destruction! After all, this is the kid who has shredded BOARD BOOKS. The Little Engine that Could is now the Little Engine that Can't. So for the folks at BabbaCo... I have two words for you: BOARD BOOKS.

And as soon as y'all get on that, we'll be signing up for another box. Because a few art projects at the ready are just as valuable as a handful of Cheerios in a mother's arsenal... and so much more tolerable than flipping on the tube for another round of Thomas the Train.

Disclosure: I wasn't paid to write about the BabbaBox, but we were sent a complimentary box as part of the review. My thanks to the folks at BabbaCo for the fun and distraction of art projects for a cranky toddler.

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  1. There are quite a few of these companies popping up. Citrus Lane is one nice one!
    : )