April 19, 2012

Naptime Negotiations

Me: It's time for bed, buddy. Night-night.

Nathaniel: Wait, Mommy! Wait! Wait!

Me: What do you need?

Nathaniel: Tuck in! Need tuck in!

Me: Okay, Nathaniel. You're all tucked in. Good night.

Nathaniel: Wait! Wait! Wait, Mommy!

Me: What is it, dude?

Nathaniel: A car. Need CAR!

Me: You can hold one car. Pick it out quickly- it's bedtime.

Nathaniel: One car. Have it. [Pauses and looks at Mama] Five cars?

Me: No, just one. Lay down, it's bedtime.

Nathaniel: Mommy! Wait! Wait!

Me: Yes, Nathaniel?

Nathaniel: Drink?

Me: Take one drink and then lay down. We have to take a nap.

Nathaniel: Hold drink, Mama.

Me: No, we don't go to sleep with our drink. You can have more after naptime. Go to sleep now, buddy.

Nathaniel: Wait, Mommy! Wait!

Me: Nathaniel, it's bedtime-

Nathaniel: Tuck in!