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April 17, 2012

Definition: Toddlerhood

Parenting a toddler is like willingly sticking your brain into a meat grinder. It is, how shall I say, not for the fainthearted or those afraid of a biting, kicking, hitting, screaming, peeing and pooping snuggly mess. Truth be told, there are days when I'm not sure how I've made it through, especially now that I'm off of Diet Pepsi entirely (more on that to come). Without my caffiene IV drip, somehow I stumble through the day until the littles are in bed and collapse on the couch, wondering which one is going to wake up at 3am needing some manner of parental attention.

Don't get me wrong- parenting a toddler is great. One minute the little dude will come up to me and ask, "MAMA, HOW DOIN'?" And yes, it is in capital letters because toddlers have but one volume. When y'all see me pimping out hearing aids on the blog in another two years, you'll know what's up.
Basket Boy
It was equally as precious as his concern for my general well-being when Nathaniel was seeing the hubs and I off one night for a date. He stood at the top of our steps with all the authority of a parent and called down to us, "BYE GUYS! CAREFUL OF ICE!" The same goes for an incident this past weekend when the little man was watching a neighbor boy ride his bike on the sidewalk from just inside our house. Suddenly, Nathaniel turned to me and announced, "SEE CJ! FALL OFF BIKE! CHECK TO SEE... OK." At which point he bolted out of the front door to go see if CJ was really okay. (Spoiler alert: he was.)
His Domain
But for all of it's cuteness, there are plenty of times lately where I've come to understand why wild animals eat their young. This kid has a stubborn streak that just won't quit, whether it's demanding to be allowed to play on the deck with the volume of a bullhorn (even while it's raining) or punching his sister in the head, vigilance and discipline are never far from our minds.
Yet despite all of it's moments of desperation, like the incident today where Nathaniel bit my hand hard enough to break skin, toddlerhood can still be pretty great, especially when we make it to the potty on time. So for now, I'm stumbling through another day and hoping to come out on the other side without any more toddler-inflicted injuries and, if I'm really lucky, we'll wrap things up just in time to tuck him into bed and get some snuggles.


  1. LOL OMG this sounds like me and my kids <3 hope your day is better today... :)

    1. Thanks... every day is definitely an adventure with these guys!

    2. Is it wring that I'm happy to hear we don't have the only two year old sister-head puncher? We've affectionately dubbed it the "monkey slap" but that doesn't make it any cuter. He often apologizes to her before doing it, as if to imply "I just gotta do this... Sorry!"

  2. wring = wrong. Commenting on iPhone while nursing. You know how it is. ;-)