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April 2, 2012

Because This Happened Over the Weekend

That's right, it happened over the weekend and it's official: we have a talker. My baby girl is growing up and her personality has begun to emerge. Naturally, like any individual of the female variety, that personality is not only emerging, it is conquering the noise level of our home with the force of a thousand Rolling Stones concerts.

As of this past weekend, Evelyn's new favorite trick is to scream at a pitch which can only be described as the reason my ears are bleeding. Once she has your attention, she then proceeds to smile and talk with you... until you have the nerve to glance away for any reason (including your other child), at which point your ears will begin to hemorrhage and you'll wish that you had remembered to add ear plugs to your baby registry.

But because it's just so dang cute (and because the grandparents read this blog, y'all), I couldn't resist sharing Evelyn's first word with all of you. And the best part of this new milestone? Her daddy was there to hear it for the very first time!

Click here to watch if you're using a mobile device.

1 comment:

  1. She is absolutely adorable! Glad Jonathan was there to hear her. But then I am a little prejudiced, right?

    love, Nana