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March 16, 2012

Surviving the First Week

Whew. One week of potty training is officially under our belts (no pun intended) and we're all breathing a sigh of relief. It has been a long, poopy, and wet road to get to this day, but I think we can all relax a bit, knowing that we're well on our way to having dry undies ALL DAY LONG.

Last Friday, we kicked off the fun with about a gallon of watered-down apple juice, M&M's, and a whole lot of asking if a certain little person had to go pee pee. To keep things manageable since we also have a baby in the mix, we dragged the baby potty chair out into the living room and essentially parked ourselves in front of the TV for most of the day. Not parenting at it's finest for sure, but it successfully kept the toddler (and the messes) in one room for the majority of the day which made nursing the baby while asking the toddler to go pee pee much, much easier.

Saturday was essentially a repeat of Friday except for the fun little fact that we attend church on Saturday nights. On went the Pull-Ups and we drove away from the security of our little potty chair with nothing but a prayer that we wouldn't have to try changing the toddler's wet pants in public.

People? Nathaniel did AWESOME. All of our hard work on Friday paid off because he stayed dry through his nap time, through the entire church service, and even during dinner out afterward! He finally couldn't hold it any longer on the way home (and he had refused to use a "big" potty at church and the restaurant) so the Pull-Ups were a little wet when we walked through the door.

But then he totally redeemed the day by going seven times in his potty. Yes, seven. And getting himself seven treats in the process.

By Sunday, we realized that he was really grasping the concept of the potty and we wanted to make it really fun for him so we walked to the store and Daddy helped him pick out some Big Boy Underwear and a potty seat to make the big potty a little less scary. And while I honestly expected to put him on the regular toilet kicking and screaming, he shocked me by adapting instantly to the new setup and the baby potty chair went back into storage. I was pretty much busting with pride at this point because HE WAS GETTING IT! AND ON THE REAL TOILET! POTTY TRAINING FOR THE WIN!

Since Sunday, we've kept up with our routine of potty-flushing-washing-treat, but today we are finally graduating from the treat status and we're moving on to a potty chart. While I don't mind the occasional day of a toddler who's high on M&M's and juice, we try not to make those days a habit around here. Now that our house is M&M-free, we're keeping track of potty successes with a sticker chart on the fridge. Another benefit of this system? The toddler gets to show Daddy his chart when he comes home from work at the end of the day!

One week in, the toddler is consistently telling us when he needs to go potty during the day. We're not sweating the issue of night-training yet, but we're doing the best we can with that by minimizing the number of sippy cups he's allowed to hide under the covers at bedtime. And pooping? Well, that's another tale for another day. But if this morning is any indication, he may just get used to taking showers after doing number two... mostly because the poo is ALL OVER. Good times.

One week down and it's pee-pee training for the win!

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