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March 21, 2012

Life, According to My iPhone

Shades Bible Stories for Baby
Stroller Adventure Learning the Self-Portrait
Greetings from the Land of Pull-Ups Seven months
Bath via Phone Hello
Together After Bath
In true epic form, the toddler rocks out to the beat while wearing his new "shades." Reading Bible stories to the baby, complete with details about "Noah" and the "Irk." Keeping cool in the warm sunshine. Mommy teaching Evie the fine art of the self-portrait. Enjoying his morning Pull-Ups and a nuk. The little lady at seven months old. Evelyn's first bath in the real tub and a smile to show for it. Snuggling with her Daddy after naptime. A little time together, just as a couple. Nathaniel's favorite part of the post-bath routine, commandeering the towel.

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