March 13, 2012

Life, According to My iPhone

Goo Goo Giggles with Mommy
Learning with Daddy Favorite Book
Lunchtime Smiles Block Love
Quilt By Herself
Biking Together
Recently, as we've begun potty training the little man, we've also returned to cloth diapers for the littlest one. A picture first thing in the morning with my favorite two-year-old. Evelyn learning her letters with Daddy and Nathaniel. Discovering the joys of crackly-sounding books. Lunchtime smiles when the toy cups are bountiful. Playing with one of her favorite toys- vintage blocks. Quality tummy time on her handmade quilt. The joys of self-feeding. Full of grins and independence, the toddler rides his bike. My two littles ones together... as Nathaniel prepares to practice brushing his sister's hair again.

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