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March 7, 2012

Lately, in Snapshots

Sibling Snapshot
Lately, there has been lots of playing between siblings. They both love the games, snuggles, and stuffed animals involved- not so much when Mama asks them to stop for a quick picture.
Puddle Snapshot
Our pathetic excuse for a winter around these parts has manifested itself in lots of puddles. The toddler is understandably giddy.
Baby Snapshot
These past few weeks have seen the emergence of two bottom teeth for the little lady, though she refuses to allow them to be photographed.
Lunch Snapshot
The toddler is currently going through a phase where he loves looking at photos of himself; as such, he will sit still for a single photograph before demanding to see pictures of "ne-ne."
Saturday Snapshot
Even with all the fun during the week, Saturdays are the best around our house because Daddy is home for some snuggles. And what little girl wouldn't love that?

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