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March 14, 2012


Last night I was poking around here on the blog and getting ready to start the highly time-consuming project of editing the code of this site to adapt to a newer template from Blogger. For those of you who suddenly think I'm speaking in tongues- the gist of it is that my blog setup is old and it needed a bit of a shot in the arm or, in Mom terms, a diaper change.

Look at me... sneaking that one in there. Bet you can't tell that I've been sitting in front of my computer ALL NIGHT LONG, right?

I wish I was joking about the all night long bit, but I'm not. It's literally taken six hours to fix what Blogger screwed up after giving me an error message and sending me to jail without passing go or collecting $200. All of this to say that the site is now mostly fixed (and the mobile site, for those of you using your phones, is even slightly improved) but please bear with me over the next few days as I continue to work out a few of the kinks.

Many thanks. And now since my kids will be up in about a half hour, I think it's time for a coffee IV...

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