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March 29, 2012

Home Again to Treasures

After a blissful three days up north spent hiking, laughing with friends, and soaking in a hot tub, we're all home and back in our daily routines. Our house is a wreck, the toddler's tantrums have reached an entirely new level on the pain scale, and I still haven't showered... but it's so good to be home.

To celebrate sleeping in our own beds, the littles and I headed out this morning for a jaunt to the park. It was full of blustery, cold adventure, including a mouthful of sand for the toddler who was busy pretending that he was cooking spaghetti.

So after we finished learning how to spit the sand out of our teeth, we packed up and headed home for some lunch, just in time to find a treasure on the way home. After all, what could be a more valuable find to a toddler than a chunk of asphalt?

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