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March 12, 2012

Day Three: Graduation

Yesterday was the third day in what has been fondly dubbed the Potty Training Fiesta 2012. The good times have been a-rollin' around here as we've left diapers behind in favor of Easy Ups and, as of yesterday, graduation to big boy underwear.

Since the weather was screaming for us to get outside (hello, sixty degrees in March in Long Underwear Country), we took a nice little stroll to the store.
Walking to the Store
We discovered the land of big boy underwear and how it HAS! CHARACTERS! LIKE MCQUEEN! AND THOMAS THE TRAIN!
Examining the Merchandise
While Evelyn and I considered the merits of a child-sized toilet seat complete with Elmo decals, Daddy and Nathaniel perused the underwear-related merchandise.
Checking out the Underwear Section
And, finally, a selection was made, purchased, and worn as soon as we got home.
Making a Selection
And whether it was the new undies, the Elmo toilet seat that's just begging for a poop joke (watch me resist with my Super Mom powers), or the promise of M&M's, yesterday was very successful in the land of dry pull-ups. So as we're kissing diapers goodbye, I can't help but to embrace character underwear and a Pampers-free budget with open arms. MCQUEEN AND THOMAS... WELCOME!

Side note: for all of you who have asked for our "secret" on potty training, we'll be publishing our potty training tactical manual later this week but to give you all a sneak peek, it involves lots of bribery, chocolate, and making a fool of yourself when your kid actually gets it into the potty. It's basically the least-dignified parts of parenthood and, by definition, very entertaining. Stay tuned.


  1. No shame in bribery and acting a fool when it comes to potty training! We have a potty song and dance that we still do every time, even though Cole has been using the potty regularly since September. We have used Tic Tacs, marshmallows, M&Ms, and gummies as bribes. I haven't found the proper motivator for pooping in the potty yet, so if you have please share!

  2. We started potty training on March 1st!! So far things are going really well too. Our one issue is getting him more aware of when he needs to poop. I went online in search of tips and came across the "poop in the potty" song. It is hilarious.

  3. I would love to know your method- will be looking out for it! We have been struggling since Christmas time and I have another baby due in July so it is time to get serious.