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March 23, 2012

The Cloth Saga, Revisited

Those of you who have been around these parts for awhile probably remember the cloth diaper saga that we endured with Nathaniel. It was that same adventure that ended with a fountain of pee and my joyous exclamation to the world that we would be using DISPOSABLES! until the end of time. And given my well-documented feelings about shoving my hands into the playdough-like consistency of child poo, what could possibly compel me to strap a piece of cloth to my baby's bottom once more?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Headbands. Ragdolls. Duplos. Lightening McQueen underwear. In the end, it all came down to my least-favorite word in the English language, budget. We're middle-class America, folks. In our house, whether I like it or not, there's a set amount that goes toward the littles' needs each month and what would childhood be without a trike or a doll? Enter the cloth diapers, the budget solution that is indulging my addiction to Internet shopping.
Cloth Diapers
Granted, the diapers pictured are only a small portion of our stash and while I could easily go on and on about how much I love one particular brand over another, that's another post for another day. Today, I can't wait to share with you the gritty details about how we're keeping those deceptively cute poo-catchers from overtaking our lives or interfering in my love affair with hand sanitizer.

When I first decided to give cloth diapering another go-round, I knew that we needed to make it easy. I don't have time to be sitting around eating bon-bons these days (though I would gladly accept housekeeping services to make chocolate a priority in my life once again) so I started hunting. Last time, we repurposed our Diaper Genie to work with a reusable wet bag. That was all fine and dandy, but I always hated how the plastic cone of diapers looked in the nursery. Time time, I resolved, things would be different! We would diaper! We would conquer! And it would be cute!

I searched high and low on Etsy, trying to find something that would not only be tolerable for dirty diaper storage, but something that would actually compliment the work we had put into the nursery. That was when I found Suzielou Textiles, the creator of wet bags that look good enough to be in any room of your house. I contacted Suzie and asked if she would be willing to make a custom-sized bag for us and she got to work immediately. This is the adorable result (and yes, that is a little person procrastinating her nap in the background).
Diaper Bag
Although my original plan was to attach the snap-hooks to the side of the changing table (and I may still do it in the future), the bag currently hangs on the side of Evelyn's crib and couldn't fit with the vintage theme of her room any better. Even the little snaps look antique!
Diaper Bag, Close-Up
We've used our wet bag from Suzielou Textiles for weeks now and it's held up to the hard labor perfectly. The inner liner pictured below is waterproof and sewn in such a way that even the zipper is slightly hidden down into the bag when there is even one diaper inside.
Diaper Bag, Inside
It would be an understatement to say that I was giddy after finding a bag that I loved to hold dirty diapers until wash day. So giddy, in fact, that I quickly contacted Suzie about making another bag for us so I can ALWAYS have a cute bag in the baby's room, even while one is indisposed in the laundry room.

And with that find, my diapering quest was complete. We've been back in cloth for the last few months and we're loving it! It's freed up my budget significantly and I haven't been forced to endure the unmistakable scent of a Diaper Genie next to our changing table, for which my nose is eternally grateful.

So this one goes down in the books as a win. Our diapering system is perfect for Evelyn's nursery- it's functional, it compliments the look we've been wanting for her room, and it's even child friendly since the zipper keeps curious little hands away. With one kid in cloth diapers and the other on his way out of Pull-Ups (or so we hope and pray), my budget is in a happy place- the place where we'll soon have enough Duplos to rule a small empire.

For the FTC: I wasn't paid to write about Suzielou Textiles. I loved our first wet bag so much that Suzie and I worked out a discount on my second purchase so that I could share this with all of you. For more information about the wet bags listed here, please visit Mummy Bags. My thanks to Suzie for her great work!

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