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March 5, 2012

Because We Finally Have Snow

Let's be honest- it's taken a ridiculous amount of time around Long Underwear Country to see the appearance of snowman guts. And while I've welcomed the fact that this winter hasn't included the ever-entertaining feat of sliding across an icy parking lot while juggling a baby and a toddler, even I've missed the occasional snowball fight.

So when a few inches of snow finally covered our front yard this past week, we braved the outdoors. Our neighbors graciously loaned the little man a pint-sized shovel and he went to work.
Finally... Snow!
Granted, the whole experience would've lasted longer if he hadn't refused to wear his mittens, but at least we grabbed a few minutes of outside time. And as an added perk, we now have our own personal Lawn Shoveling Service- every parent's dream.

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