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February 22, 2012

Not Sure Who Taught Him That But...

These days are filled with new discoveries and exploration, for both kids. It's so precious to watch them learn about the world around them- whether it means that bugs aren't scary or that we have fingers AND toes! While my days are filled with answering questions about why we can't ride the baby like a horse, I sometimes forget to incorporate lessons into everyday life... but I've realized that the toddler is learning them anyway. He's like a sponge, that one.

This morning, as we sat at the breakfast table, Nathaniel looked outside. He sat in his high chair, admiring the blanket of snow on our deck and promptly announced, "Snow! Melt... water."

I have no idea who taught him that snow melts into water or if he just figured that out for himself as he watched the droplets trickle away in the sunshine, but honestly, that kid doesn't miss a thing.

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