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February 29, 2012


Awhile back, I mentioned how we had begun the process of making our own baby food. For me, this was a huge departure from when Nathaniel was a baby and I practically signed over each of my husband's paychecks directly to Gerber. This time, we resolved to save money and opt for a more natural diet for our little gal. Thus began our quest to create homemade baby food.

Now sure, we could've saved more money by manually steaming then mashing carrots, avocado, and and peas, but let's be honest, I don't have the time. And, quite frankly, if you do, then you're welcome to come over to my house and do some laundry. Or scrub a toilet. Or change a diaper or ten. But knowing that I'm perpetually behind on housework, I wanted to find something that would make a healthy, natural diet an easy thing to achieve for Evie.

We did a bit of online shopping (which may or may not have resulted in several unrelated purchases from Etsy) and wound up with a baby food maker that will steam AND mix fruits and veggies with the push of a button. My kind of machine. 

Granted, we've already had one machine break down on us (and thank goodness I kept my receipt for a situation like this, ahem, Target) but we've successfully been making our own food for almost three months now. So far under our belt, we've tried avacado/banana, sweet potatoes, apples, sweet peas, green beans, carrots, cranberries, and even zucchini. Not bad for a six-month-old. And if you ask her, she likes the homemade food too... especially anything having to do with bananas.
Avocado Baby
Not bad for a day's work... especially if investing in a baby food maker gives me a few extra minutes to fold the laundry. Or, the more likely scenario, completely ignore the growing mountain of underwear in favor of reading Bear Snores On just one more time with the littles.


  1. Just wondering what appliance you are using. We have been making our food too, but I need something that will do it all together! Appreciate any info :)

    1. Hi Casey,
      We've been using the Baby Brezza. I didn't mention it above because I really can't recommend it (on our second one now and I truly don't know how long this one will last). The concept is a great one- steam and blend all in one- but I really wish our appliance was bigger since it only makes about a single day's worth of food at a time. Hope that helps- feel free to email me or comment withe more questions!

    2. Thanks, Alyssa. I had read those sorts of reviews. Man! Wish you had better luck! I have just started to buy steam in the bag veggies and used a Cuisinart immersion blender. Works well, but involves paying attention! This is the hand blender I bought: So far so good. I pour the food into ice cube trays to freeze. here is that link: (yep, free super saver shipping if you get them together... thats how I roll!)

    3. Sorry for the delay, Casey :) For posts that are a little older, I have to approve the comments before they are published (cuts down a bit on spam)!

      Thanks for the link- I'm not sure how much longer our Brezza is going to last so we may have to check out the one you recommended!!