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February 14, 2012

My Valentine: Romantic Getaway and Super Dad

Since it's Valentine's Day, it seems only appropriate that today is the day that I finally share the details of the romantic getaway that Jonathan planned to celebrate our three-year anniversary. Though we both agreed that it felt more like a ten-year (hello house, two pregnancies, and two children later), the time away was so special and very needed.

The first night of our trip brought out the true romantic in my husband; Italian food and the same resort that we stayed at on our wedding night. And though we really had to struggle to make it possible, we actually spent one night SANS KIDS. Be amazed, folks.

The next morning after we rocked the waffle bar and picked up Evelyn to join us for the remainder of our vacation, Jonathan surprised me with the keys to a sweet little cottage on the shore that was ours for the next few days. That meant that I got to wake up to views like this every single morning, which I wouldn't have traded for the world.
Vacation View
We spent a lot of time outdoors and braved the weather to hike to the top of a bluff on the Superior Hiking Trail. Hiking with a baby wasn't the easiest move, but admittedly she and I both stayed pretty toasty.
Hiking with a Baby
The view was definitely worth the work, even if it was awfully windy at the very top.
Hiking Views
Naturally, the wind was enough to awaken the sleeping princess from her beauty sleep so we took the opportunity to snag a quick picture.
Little Slice of Heaven
Unfortunately, that was the point where the littlest one decided that she was done hiking and being held in the carrier and WE NEED TO EAT THIS VERY MOMENT. So in a tribute the days of the pioneers, I nursed my baby in the Northwoods. She stayed nice and warm in her down snowsuit; I on the other hand, was trying not to freeze with the winter breeze on my bare stomach. Brr.
Nursing in the Woods
Once lunchtime was over, I passed the little lady off to her Daddy and gratefully bundled myself back up. It was a hike to remember.
Northwoods Hike with Daddy
The next day, we headed into Grand Marais to do a little exploring. We wandered in and out of some tiny shops and enjoyed the local cuisine.
Sven & Ole's Pizza
It's true, Sven and Ole's is some of the best, non-greasy pizza I've eaten. And you just can't go wrong with pizza.
Sven & Ole's
While we were in Grand Marais, I was instantly drawn to the snow sculptures and ALL OF MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE- A GIANT CUPCAKE! Jonathan was understandably horrified to take my picture as I was about to eat my way through heaven.
Cupcake Dreams Coming True
But that really represents the best part of getting away- the time to relax, to goof off, and to remember why we were attracted to each other in the first place. To have that time together, away from the tantrums of someone who feels entitled to anything and everything in sight, was such a gift. So with our time away at an end, we headed back down to Duluth, just in time to attend the Father-Daughter Valentine Ball.
Daddy and Daughter
Jonathan and Evelyn both got spiffed-up for their big night out (which they graciously allowed me to tag along as the photographer, since I was also asked to attend by my Dad) and I convinced them to pose for a few pictures. And yes, Jonathan even got a tiny little corsage for his date.
The dance was wonderful and more quality time was spent together. Though the food was great and the company of friends and family was equally as wonderful, I will always remember that night with this image.
Father-Daughter Valentine Ball
When it all comes down to it, with a guy that cares this much, I couldn't ask for a better Valentine. Love you, babe!


  1. jealous!!!! i spent my day taking care of two sick kids. I reminescence the good old days when we had the time to get away and spent some time just me and my husband. As for the hiking and nursing with baby its not easy. We went hiking in the summer time and trying to nurse was hard. I love evelyn's red cute! God bless your beautiful family!

  2. Oh yes, nursing and hiking together are tricky! We're going to take the kids camping this summer so I'm anticipating there will be lots more of that in the future!