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February 17, 2012

Life, According to My iPhone

Cart Baby Snugglin
On The Road Treat Night
How to Shop with a Baby Ode to Beyonce the Chicken
Hiking with the Baby Say Cheese
Can You Say Avocado? To Practice Sitting
Shopping for nursery decor with my helper. Mirror snuggles with the little lady. The view on our way up north- a tunnel through solid rock. Enjoying the benefits of a night away from the littles. Learning how to shop with the world's smallest grocery carts. Relishing the bounty of our shopping trip with an ode to Beyonce the Chicken. Hiking with the babe. Cheesing it up on Valentine's Day in the tub. Can you say avocado? Attempting to learn the fine art of sitting up.

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  1. So cute!! Love your blog both as an expectant mother and fellow blogger ;)