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February 10, 2012

Holding it Together

Continuing the saga that has become our roller coaster lives lately, Jonathan left our house shortly after 5am yesterday to fly partway across the country to visit with family and attend his grandmother's funeral. While we are all glad that she is no longer suffering, she will be deeply missed and I wanted nothing more than to be able to support my husband at the funeral. But remember this? Yes, Queen of the Snot Rockets, herself. In as much as her cold is more or less gone, something about her ears is still off so we didn't dare risk taking her on a plane, knowing that it could potentially do more harm than good at this point.

So I'm being the supportive spouse... from a distance.

This was definitely not what we had planned, but for better or worse, this is how we're trying to keep things together for the next few days. And with Daddy out of the house, there is a lot that needs holding together, especially when one parent is responsible for a little person whose singular response for EVERY SINGLE THING right now is NOPE.

So we had to get creative and, with a little help from one of my Facebook friends, we came up with one of the easiest and most convenient art projects I could possibly imagine. It starts with this.
Finger Painting Part 1
It took a surprising amount of convincing to lure the little man into even touching this paint concoction.
Finger Painting Part 2
But then we decided that it wasn't poisonous.
Finger Painting Part 3
So it quickly became fun.
Finger Painting Part 4
And the best part about this kind of project? The cleanup. Anyone for painting tomorrow?

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