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January 4, 2012

When It Becomes Worthwhile

I haven't been around much recently because this week (unlike last week) has been completely filled with projects and birthday party preparations. Despite an Internet full of easy party-planning ideas, certain projects, like creating a homemade garland from felt, quickly became more work than I had predicted.

Last night, I was up late into the evening cutting felt circles based on this Pinterest project and sewing them together by hand. I finished three garlands- two for our entryway and one to decorate our piano- and got them hung before going to bed.

When the kids and I awoke and walked up the stairs this morning, I didn't even expect Nathaniel to notice the changes after all, HE'S TWO. But as we walked up those stairs, my little boy looked up and busted out with his biggest and most enthusiastic WOOOOOWWW!

Two stairs more and he could see the newly-decorated piano. His excitement was contagious as he exclaimed, OOHHH! MORE!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why decorating for this birthday party is so worthwhile.

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