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January 23, 2012


Little Man
We are living in the land of a toddler, which means that things are really good around here. Except for the days where diving into a vat of boiling Diet Pepsi would be a welcome reprieve from the tantrums and screaming. Thankfully, the little man is learning that we rule with an iron fist (especially when it comes to the refusal to negotiate the terms of nap time), so the days of smiles and happy faces are pretty common.
First Foods
Our lovely little lady has excelled at beginning to eat real foods. This time around, we're making baby food ourselves (more on that to come) and Evelyn was kind enough to give some positive feedback for our first attempt at mashed avocado and banana.
Sitting at the Toolbench
Nathaniel adores his little chair and it goes everywhere with him on the main floor. He hauls that thing up and carries it with him to sit by his toolbench, in front of the TV, or (my personal favorite) for some extra height to be Mama's helper while I'm making dinner.
Block Exam
We don't have an independent sitter just yet, so our options for playtime are a little limited. Thankfully, we can always rely on the trusty high chair for some good ol' playtime, especially when it doesn't put us at risk of accidentally being trampled on the floor by a toddler with his chair.

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