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January 6, 2012

Laments and Hot Mamas

Tonight, as I sit staring at a clock that reads past 2am and a pile of unfinished birthday decorations, I can't help but to lament the tragic events of this evening. It's my own fault really, for choosing decorations that are so bright and colorful, so absolutely irresistible to little toddler hands, but here I find myself redoing all of the painstaking sewing after a pair of little hands accidentally demolished the birthday decor. Welcome, 2am. I've missed you old friend.

On that note and with the fair warning that I've ingested far more Diet Pepsi tonight than I care to admit, I wanted to share something that the toddler recently told me which I plan to hold over his head long after his high school years are over. You see, we've been really emphasizing caution with the stove and hot food lately. As fun as it would be to make an emergency run down to our hospital for a burn, we thought we'd save that excitement for later in Nathaniel's life... at least until after the birthday hype wears down. With that in mind, we've been practicing copious use of the word no and emphasizing the need to blow on steaming food before we eat. This is, actually, relevant to the rest of the story.

Earlier this week, I was sitting on the sofa nursing Evelyn with the typical carefree toplessness that comes with being home alone with a baby. As Evelyn enjoyed her lunch, I sat watching Nathaniel play with his toys on the floor. Suddenly, he stopped playing and walked over to the couch, pointing at my bare side, and hollered HOT, MAMA! with the enthusiasm that only a toddler could muster.

After the initial flattery quickly wore off, I realized that he must be talking about my stretch marks. Sure, they've started to fade from the angry shade of red that they once were, but oh boy, they're still there! Amused, I asked Nathaniel why he thought my side was so hot. But instead of answering, he responded with an emphatic BLOW! and began blowing on my side with all the might of his little lungs.

So on those days that I'm feeling particularly frumpy, at least I know that my son still thinks I've got it.


  1. made me laugh! I too remember baring my body for nursing needs only for my children to ask the most lovely question of "what's that mama?" Pointing at my rolls or some unsightly piece of unwanted fat that I had quite quickly grown un-fond of. Thank you for making me realize that I am not the only one.

  2. At least we're all in good company, huh? ;)

  3. So cute! When I'm changing, my son points out BOOB! and BELLY!!! It's so adorable!