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January 13, 2012

Kicking Off 2

I promised that I would be back later this week to spill the beans about the grand ol' birthday party that we had this past weekend. Now, despite the fact that I have yet to take down the birthday decorations or put away the last of the cooking utensils from said celebration, I'm here to share!

Like last year, we kept the party small since we were pretty limited on space- we invited immediate family and both kids' godparents to rock the house with us. And despite the fact that we had to push the party back a week thanks to a little number that I like to call Vomiting in the Toilet, we still had a pretty packed house.

As we had hoped, the toddler was pretty awed by the decorations that had been lovingly created (and then re-created).
Birthday Decor
And he was practically beside himself when he saw the CAKE! with CHOCOLATE! and MCQUEEN!
McQueen Cake
Nathaniel had a fabulous time playing with his party guests, but opening his gifts was clearly the toddler highlight. When he got to the gift that his Daddy had made for him, it was all over- he no longer had an interest in tearing off the wrapping paper. IT WAS ALL ABOUT PLAYING.
Opening to Playing
Nathaniel was even kind enough to demonstrate how to use a power drill to his little friend, Aoife.
Like Dada
But what was probably most surprising to us as parents was the fact that Nathaniel actually knew how to use some of the tools. Apparently, little eyes have been watching. It's like Big Brother... only significantly less creepy.
Fixing the Toolbench
It was a great party and we felt so blessed to get to spend the day celebrating the little man with our closest family and friends. And, to top it all off, there was only ONE tantrum all day long! And would you believe me if I told you that it was because he was so excited about his toys that he didn't want to stop to eat cake?

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