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December 2, 2011

Then What?

There are few things that bother me more in the blogging world than a half-finished story. And, like so many other bloggers, I'm guilty of that too. To rectify that, today I am offering a look back over the last few years, along with a few more details on the dirt and poop that followed a few of those posts. Enjoy.

1. A post that made a big splash here on the blog and in our local area was Diaper Drama at General Mills. More than a few mothers were offended by the fact that we got kicked off their property just for changing a diaper in the parking lot and, while I was all ready to lead a protest complete with dirty diapers and picket signs, I received two apology emails from General Mills, along with the promise that their security officers would be undergoing further training for situations such as ours. Still, I'm sorely tempted to go for the highly-illegal, parking lot diaper change once again... just to see what happens.

2. When we thought our little guy was ready for some early potty training, I penned Michael Jackson 2.0. Shortly following that post, we thought that our little girl would be arriving quite prematurely. Though that turned out to be a false alarm, I decided that waiting on the whole diaper-free thing might be wise. As long as he's potty trained by the time he's dating, I think we're golden.

3. In the midst of my second pregnancy, I realized that my wardrobe was somewhat lacking in the, ahem, motherly department. Back to the Underwear was a post entirely about my endless search for a nursing bra that actually fits and is somewhat attractive. Unfortunately, the bras that I ordered and discussed in that post turned out to be pretty unattractive in-person and were quickly returned. The search continues... or it will, just as soon as my budget isn't taken up entirely by toddler Christmas gifts!

4. As Promised, the Trainwreck was my parenting cry for help when our toddler decided that sleep is for sissies. Now, at almost two years old, he sleeps through the night (and nap time) with such obedience that you would hear me singing his praises from our rooftop... if I wasn't so sleep deprived from his little sister's midnight playtimes.

5. The Big Boy Room, Toddler Version was written once I finished decorating Nathaniel's new room. Following that post, Destructo tore three of the four shelves out of his wall, demolished one of the toys on his dresser, and broke one of the picture frames (bloody teddy bear, anyone?). Since then, his walls have been patched (sans shelves this time) and the glass in his frames has been replaced with plexiglass. Next up, new wall decor!

6. A quick update on Males Bond Over This Stuff, Right? brings us to a fabulous piece of poop trivia. This fall, for the first time since we've owned our house, Jonathan didn't have to contend with goose poop on our garage door. He was ecstatic.

7. Beetlejuice, Part 2 was written in the midst of the big Similac formula recall. I was not a happy camper, especially given my feelings toward anything with six legs. After writing that series, I received an email from a representative at Similac who offered to answer my questions about their product and the recall. I asked a few basic questions, including wanting to know what they were doing to prevent a future beetle-infestation in their baby formula. I never received an answer. Needless to say, we switched to the Target-brand formula until our little man was ready for cow's milk.

8. I later discovered that the post, Things I Didn't Expect While Expecting, was highly incomplete. Let's add freakish amount of postpartum hair loss to that list, shall we?

9. Under the category of epic drama, If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, was a post that takes the cake. Remember Charlie and the whole half-truth blogging incident? I had to close the comments on that post, but Charlie and I had an extensive conversation after I published my response to that situation. Since that time, Charlie has had some pretty forceful things to say both to my face and behind my back which could have easily blown up into yet another issue, had Jonathan not threatened to sit on me to keep me away from the computer and my email account. Thanks to my husband's restraint and constant reminders to me to PLAY NICE, the times where Charlie and I have found ourselves at the same social event have been surprisingly civil. But don't look for any secret handshakes in the future.

10. The grand finale of posts was one that got a whole lot of feedback from our families in particular. Although Digging Out of the Hole was written to be a positive post on how Jonathan and I are actively working on our marriage, there was a surprising amount of fallout when I confessed that we have had some pretty nasty arguments. Since that post went live, we've continued to work on our marriage; it hasn't been easy and we're still in the midst of working through some issues that are bound to arise when you cram a marriage and two kids into less than three years. In the end, we've learned that two stubborn people can, in fact, stay married. But it takes a heck of a lot of commitment, learning to say those two excruciating words- I'm sorry, and silence from the passenger seat when he decides to drive under the speed limit.

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  1. It drives me nuts when my husband drives under the speed limit too! ; ) I told him if he's going to drive like a little old woman to not complain about how many potty breaks I need while I'm pregnant.