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December 13, 2011

Salvation via Cheese

Earlier this week, I was cuddling on the couch with the kiddos when Nathaniel decided that he was going to starve to death if he didn't get lunch THAT VERY MOMENT. In other words, it was a typical afternoon at our house.

Nathaniel: HUN-GRY!

Me: Okay bud, what would you like for lunch?

Nathaniel: ICE! ICE!

Me: Well... we can have ice with our drinks, but that's not going to be our whole lunch. What would you like with your ice?

Nathaniel: CAKE!

Me: Oh. We don't have cake.

Nathaniel: Cake?

Me: How about mac and cheese?


In that moment, my salvation came in the fact that the toddler is currently crazy about anything that goes with cheese. You could say poop and cheese to the kiddo and he would be all WHERE CAN I GET SOME?! But any toddler mom knows that I would give him all of the cheese in the world so long as he was successfully distracted from his demands for cake.

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