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December 8, 2011

Magical Bubbles

There's really something to be said for bathroom locks, especially when you have an overly curious toddler with an affinity for all manner of circular objects that remotely resemble bubbles. Because bubbles plus toddler equal UNSTOPPABLE GLEE.

Being of the female and sit-down-to-pee variety myself, I didn't realize this until recently, but apparently when one urinates like a man, certain things may happen when the pee hits the toilet water. Case in point, bubbles. Or, to a toddler, a magical land full of sparkles and puppy dogs and I MUST TOUCH THE MAGICAL BUBBLES.

Magic bubbles or not, this was a recent conversation overheard from one of our bathrooms. And yes, we do need to invest in some locks.

Jonathan: 'Scuse me, buddy. Daddy needs to go pee pee.

Nathaniel: Ooh.

[Pee pee noises]


Jonathan: Stay away from the toilet, Nathaniel. Don't touch. NO! DON'T TOUCH THE BUBBLES!!