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December 7, 2011

Deck the Halls with Pinterest Projects!

Lately, I've developed a serious problem with Pinterest. I continue to see more and more gorgeous ideas in the home decor corners of that website and it's brought about some serious creativity to these parts. Unfortunately, that creativity usually blossoms at about one in the morning which has led to more than a few nights where I'm finally collapsing into bed next to Jonathan at 4am. Sleepless nights not withstanding, I daresay that our house is slowly turning into a Christmas miracle, despite the presence of one particularly destructive toddler.

Because I just couldn't resist, I felt the need to share my latest project with you all. The idea, like so many others, originated from a board on Pinterest which used vinyl decals and some thrift store picture frames painted black. I quickly ditched the vinyl idea, since we have nothing with which to cut it, and opted instead for some good, old-fashioned scissors and paper to accompany my Savers-style frames and black spray paint.
Nativity Wall Decor
On a side note, this was the first time I've ever used spray paint... yes, in my garage complete with numb fingers and a radiant temperature of approximately forty degrees. Who follows temperature directions on the can? NOT THIS HOUSE, THAT'S WHO.

The finished product is now hanging in our entryway and sprucing up a pathetically blank wall that has been aching for just the right thing since we painted it two years ago. And even though I love that our house is slowly looking like more of a home, one of my favorite parts about this project is just that it's one more way to talk to the toddler about the real meaning of Christmas.
The Shepherds
Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
Three Wise Men
All in all, I would call this project a huge success. And now that it's finally complete, I can go back my regularly scheduled sleeping patterns and dream about Christmas cookies.


  1. I want to steal this idea! I might :D

  2. Go for it! I love having them up in our house... and today when we walked upstairs, Nathaniel was all excited to point out the camels, sheep, and shepherds!!

  3. Great project. I may have to add it to my ever growing Pinterest Project list. :o)