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December 26, 2011

Almond Bark and Sentences

What a weekend. We Christmassed ourselves silly, indulging in several pounds of Christmas cookies and my newest obsession, almond bark pretzels, because those little pieces of heaven NEED TO BE EATEN. Or kittens will cry. Look at me, getting all comfy with PETA this Christmas. You know it's magical.

The magic continued this past weekend with the toddler as his vocabulary expanded in leaps and bounds. While he's managed to cobble together a few words in the past, especially as they related to the terms spaghetti and feast, this weekend marked his very first sentance. Somehow, I knew that I shouldn't be surprised when the words OPEN PRESENTS! came out of his mouth, complete with his hands thrown up into the air in unabashed glee.

Let's face it, the kid knows how to party.

We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope yours was just as special. Now you'll have to excuse us as we spend the week gearing up for a certain two-year-old birthday party. Oh yes, we're getting ready to OPEN PRESENTS! again in a few days.

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