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December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

What a year it's been for our family! This year was filled to the brim with excitement, projects, little people, and oh so much more. And while it seemed to drag on for an eternity during those long summer days of pregnancy, now that I can breathe again, it's hard to believe it's already gone! So in honor of the time that's flown by, a look back.

January kicked off with a bang and a whole lot of blue frosting as we celebrated a belated first birthday and gave the kid his first sugar high. It rocked... until he put frosting into his eyes.
Blue Frosting
We also spent the month experiencing more than our fair share of temper tantrums and wondering why the terrible two's had arrived early. Believe it or not, this was unrelated to the frosting eye incident.
Tantrum Face
February passed by as I really began to feel pregnant and the hubs took over the job of bathing the toddler, which guaranteed me TEN MINUTES ALL TO MYSELF!
Seahorse, The Delicacy
March was the whole first haircut experience which has since become equated in the toddler's mind with DumDum suckers for him and coffee for Mommy. It's a shame we can't do weekly haircuts.
Snip, Snip
March was also the month that the toddler fit into one of my favorite pairs of his pajamas. Ahem.
Nappy Grin
By April, we were over halfway through our second pregnancy and I was surviving the experience thanks to Wendy's cheeseburgers.
22 Weeks
That same month, Nathaniel also became obsessed with blueberries and so did we... until we saw what they did to his diapers.
In May, Nathaniel discovered his passion for Italian food and decided that he wanted spaghetti for every single meal. He was understandably disappointed when we said no.
June saw quite a bit of time spent at a local beach and the toddler's first experience with thievery when he decided that all the sand toys belonged to him.
Conquering the Beach
And because June just wasn't full enough on its own, it was also the month that the toddler moved into his new big boy room and began deconstructing his wooden shelves.
Play Clock
The big highlight of July was a camping trip up north and the toddler's very first almost serious injury. Next summer we'll be renting out a room at a local hospital, you know, JUST IN CASE.
August was dominated by a certain little person who decided to make her entrance three days late... but who was counting?
It's a Girl
September was all about getting used to being a family of four while not being overrun by a mountain of nine loads of unfolded laundry on our bedroom floor. Because desperate is hoping for an avalanche of clean underwear.
Sibling Love
September also marked the first time our whole family went to a baseball game. The toddler enjoyed the clapping and the hot dog, but none of it held a candle to the CHOO-CHOO!
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
October was full of outside time since we were convinced that we would be buried under a heap of snow at any moment (ha!).
Leaf Girl
In November, we had snow... for all of two seconds.
Let It Snow
December was all about Christmas. From the moment that we put up our tree, it was all Baby Jesus, Santa, and presents all the way. Not a bad way to go if you're a toddler.
Like Santa
Looking back, it's easy to see that 2011 was an incredible year, but I have to admit, I'm so looking forward to an entire year of fun with the kids, a renewed vigor for our list of house projects, and at least twelve whole months of not being pregnant! Cheers, to new beginnings at our house and yours!


  1. Hi,
    I've just only now found your blog, but I just loved reading about your year in review and seeing all those great pictures. I have a 14 month old son, so I can definitely commiserate. I hope that you're next year can be just as joy-filled!

  2. What an amazing year...I wish I could remember my year with all sorts of wonderful memories. Here's to hoping you have another great year!