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November 28, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Like so many other people, I swore off of Black Friday. I had resolved to spend the day in my pajamas, soaking in the Christmas cheer and turning our house into a giant, Christmassy snow globe of fake tree boughs and Yankee candles.

But then Jonathan surprised me with something I have wanted ever since we celebrated our first Christmas together- the promise of a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE. And all of my plans went happily out the window.

Black Friday dawned and I practically leaped out of my pajamas while singing every Christmas tune I could think of as we loaded up and headed out to find the perfect tree. Living in the 'burbs as we do, it wasn't much of a hunt- up and down aisles instead of hiking through the backwoods- but the toddler (and a certain giddy adult) couldn't have enjoyed it any more.

We started by looking at the height and width of every single tree in the store. And, in the toddler's case, spinning them as soon as he discovered that they were suspended from the ceiling.
Width by Toddler
The tree-spinning sensation quickly turned into a discovery of the bottom of the tree and could he please hide under there to play?
Checking Underneath
Finally, when it was all said and done, Nathaniel made his selection and I am pleased to report that we now have a REAL TREE adorning our living room.
Tree Selection, A Big Job

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