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November 30, 2011

Get Thee to a Pet Shop

I have previously alluded to my sheer adoration of Wendy's cheeseburgers here on the blog and I admit to having a somewhat unhealthy obsession with their french fries, but nothing beats the experiences I have when I make a trip out to our local restaurant. Case in point, a conversation I had with the man working the drive-thru who was wearing a small fishbowl as a necklace.

Me: I have to ask- what's with the goldfish necklace?

Wendy's Employee: You mean my BETTA necklace?

Me: Oh, is it a betta fish? I guess I couldn't really see it...

Wendy's Employee: [Lovingly cradles the necklace] It's called a Betta Buddy.

Wendy's Employee: [Holds Betta up and smiles] So you can take your Betta with you wherever you go.

This Christmas, I'm hoping someone gets this man a puppy.

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