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November 9, 2011

Death Fumes

As a parent, you quickly learn to recognize the smell of poop from miles away. In much the same way that a farmer becomes used to the smell of manure on his crops, your nose becomes finely attuned to the particular aroma that emanates regularly from your child's bottom. Such was the case one afternoon when Nathaniel walked by me in the living room leaving a trail of deadly fumes in his wake.

Me: Oh... [coughing and gagging]... Nathaniel! Is that you?

Nathaniel: No.

Me: Come here. Let me check. It smells like you pooped. Did you go poo-poo?

Nathaniel: [Points to Evelyn's diaper] Poo-poo.

Me: Oh no, sweetie. You can't blame this one on your sister. I'm pretty sure that's ALL YOU.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA, we have a girl in Alyssa's daycare who is 3 and blames all the other kids too. She lists a new kid every time the daycare provider checks the last one mentioned. It's much cuter in this story!

  2. Ha, that's great... already learning to blame his sister! You're so right though, the nose knows... and our dog helps in pointing it out just in case we missed it!

  3. Well, it's nice to know that Nathaniel isn't the only one trying to pass off his poops as belonging to someone else!

  4. Carter will never admit to pooping but that smell is definitely unmistakable!!!