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November 8, 2011

Celebrating the Brown

Soaking in the last few days of quasi-outdoor weather has become the focus around these parts, especially as I am beginning to dread the inevitable "bundling" process which will occur as soon as our front yard begins to resemble the penguin exhibit at the local zoo. Any mother who has gone through the ordeal of stuffing her toddler's arms and legs into a snowsuit can relate- it is not a pleasant experience. In fact, it is one which often involves copious amounts of tears, Halloween candy, and other barely legal substances. Or in my case, several cases of Diet Pepsi and aspirin.

So in honor of the fact that our yard is still as brown as the toddler's diapers (you knew that was coming eventually, right?) we wanted to share a few photos I snapped as we frolicked at the park.
Across the Bridge
With a Little Help
So Grown Up
And now, we are bracing for snow. Someone hold me.

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