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October 5, 2011

Upon Discussing Baby Names

Though it now seems like an eternity ago, I was recently thinking back to when I was eight months pregnant with Evelyn and I decided to share a particular conversation that took place between Jonathan and I regarding baby names. Since those names were top secret until a few weeks ago, I couldn't share our conversation until our child arrived in-person. Now that we're a sleep-deprived family of four, I just can't resist letting you all in on one of our many name debates. At the time, we were considering Delilah as a girl name... and having some issues with it.

Jonathan: Brrr. It's freezing in here! Aren't you cold?

Me: Nope, this little boy is keeping me warm.

Jonathan: Well, it's either a boy or... um... Delrllllllallll...?

Me: It's Delilah.

Jonathan: Crap! I'm going to be screwing that name up forever! Somebody will come up to me and I'll be like "Here, meet my daughter, Drllllllll." Then they'll ask how to spell that and I'll have to tell them, "D. R. And a bunch of L's."

So when our little Evie grows up and is old enough to understand, she can thank her daddy for encouraging me away from a name that can apparently be spelled without any vowels. And as another nod to the English language as a whole, she can be grateful that her name is easily spoken, even for those with a toddler vocabulary who pronounce their own names as NE-NE.

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