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October 10, 2011

His Favorite Wall

Decorating is not my gift. I love HGTV and anything having to do with interior design, but when it comes to designing my own house, the end result often looks as though I decorated with my eyes firmly shut. I never was quite satisfied with Nathaniel's nursery and designing his big boy room took months until I had the right "vision" for the room. I adore the finished product, but Destructo himself has necessitated a few changes since it's original design. That, however, is another blog post for another time.

My friend Amy recently told me about a design blog, Young House Love, and I am not quite sure how I survived without it. As soon as I added it to my Google Reader, I was obsessed with their do-it-yourself projects. This wouldn't be such a huge problem except for the fact that DECORATING IS NOT MY GIFT I am therefore a sucker for any project that looks as though it could be imitated. Because the whole of the Western world needs to know that I am physically incapable of choosing my own paint colors.

After reading a few installations of Young House Love, I took one look at my living room and decided to rearrange the furniture, a nearly impossible task because there are only so many variations on furniture location which are considered toddler-proof. This was made more challenging by the fact that I can't decorate worth squat so I was shoving furniture around blindly in-between calling Jonathan to ask his opinion on couch position.

I will also have you all know that this arrangement process included moving a piano from one end of the room to the other. And yes, I moved that sucker by myself. TEN POINTS, RIGHT HERE.

The living room is still a work in process since there's an accent wall that's just crying out for a fresh coat of paint and decor on the walls that doesn't look like a college dorm room. We're getting there... as fast as our budget (and the kiddos' naptimes) will allow.

While I was at Home Depot perusing paint samples and bribing the toddler to use his indoor voice by handing over my car keys, I remembered a project I've been just dying to complete for months. I have an unhealthy obsession with chalkboard paint... and what better place to put it than on the pillar wall in my kitchen?
Pre-Painted Pillar
Behold, the designated chalkboard area. Please ignore the crap on the counter... and just be glad that you're seeing it in it's "picked-up" phase because it gets much, much worse.

So I picked up a can of chalkboard paint and a foam roller and got to work as soon as Nathaniel and Evelyn were napping.
Painting Process
The first coat was easy. Unfortunately, the second coat came with an excellent reminder of why you should never attempt DIY projects when your toddler is awake unless, of course, you are trying to create a highly mobile chalkboard, in which case you would save yourself the trouble of painting a wall if you simply paint your child instead.
Paint Boy, Himself
Once the second coat endured a little repair as well as time to cure after drying, the toddler and I attacked the wall with chalk and it was determined that this project was a huge success. The finished product creates a simple way to leave notes for the hubs or keep track of those elusive few things I always forget to buy at the store. And please note that I actually cleaned the Counter O' Crap for this picture JUST BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS. You should feel so special.
Kitchen Art
Despite the fact that I love having a fun wall in my kitchen, quite possibly the best part of this project has been the art that now continually decorates our little space and the adorable toddler face that now comes up to me asking Color, mama?


  1. I have been meaning to do a chalkboard wall as looks great!!! Oh, and I love Young House Love! Been reading their blog for about a year now and it is so fun to read with great DIY ideas!

  2. I love the chalkboard wall... I've been wanting to do one myself so when my Lovebug gets bigger it'll be a fun space for her! Great job momma!

  3. I discovered Young House Love last month, too!! I'm addicted and also have the same home decor issues. I know what I like but I have no clue how to materialize it. You know that photo gallery they have in their hall? I tried it on my living room wall. LAAAAME. Can't figure out how to make it better. Oh well. Here's to giving it a try.