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October 14, 2011

Breaking out the DMP

Throughout the day, it's pretty common for Jonathan and I to talk via instant messenger. We'll exchange good mornings, say hello, discuss the lunch menu, and I'll occasionally send him pictures of what the kids are doing. Up til this point, I have restrained myself from sending a photo of one of the diapers I've just changed. BE GRATEFUL, JONATHAN.

Today, for your reading pleasure, I decided to share a snippet from one such conversation that recently took place about our morning plans and the spontaneous joy of motherhood.

Me: I'm about to give Evie a bath so we don't have to do that tonight. I'm just waiting... she's working on the DMP.

Jonathan: What?

Me: Daily massive poo.

Jonathan: I love how you have an abbreviation for it.

Me: Well, you know, I'm hip like that. Wait... No! It's coming out of both ends! Spits and poos! Help! SEND IN THE BACKUP!!


  1. Lol! I just changed back to back poos, one from the newbie and one from the 3yr old! Man...I should get hazzard pay...or at least pay!

  2. Haha! I just laughed out loud! That's hilarious.