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October 26, 2011

Battle of the Broccoli

Last night, I made a casserole for dinner. Yes, in Minnesota we use the word casserole. It goes nicely with the words Lutheran and potluck. Somehow, even though we aren't Lutherans or feeding several hundred people in a church basement somewhere, that particular dinner is a favorite around here.

It was New Recipe Night at the Gamlin household, as I had been given the suggestion of a broccoli and egg casserole from a friend. After all, I'm always on the lookout for dinners where I can have a guilt-free second helping even while the baby weight is so firmly entrenched around my hips that it's throwing dinner parties and building high-rise apartments. What? Your hips don't do that?

I slaved over that casserole for over an hour, patiently waiting as it filled my house with a delicious aroma. And despite the fact that I inherently hate anything which even remotely resembles a vegetable, I ate it and enjoyed it. The toddler, however, was another matter.

One bite and he was through. Apparently the kid doesn't enjoy broccoli. DUH, HE'S A TODDLER.

We begged. We pleaded. We tried reasoning with him. And then we finally laid down the law... eat what we give you or go hungry. After all, if you've seen my son demolish a stack of pancakes, you know he's not exactly in danger of starving to death. Somehow, knowing that he would be fine making a meal out of an apple slice and a glass of milk didn't make it any easier. It brought back painful memories of sitting at the kitchen table as a child, loudly declaring that MY CHILDREN WOULD NEVER BE FORCED TO EAT BROCCOLI.

But tonight, as I washed off my son's hands and finally conceded the fact that he wouldn't be eating his cassarole, the only thought running through my mind was how I never thought the shoe would be on the other foot. Mom, how right you were.


  1. Proud proponent of you eat it or nothing. I stuck to my guns and now I have a bag of tricks a mile long. I can't say that is why my kid eats broccoli but I have learned they are always smarter than you think...they know what they can get away with :)

    I am also not above a get apples when you eat 3 bites of casserole. Then we have to slow him down because he will shove it all in at once. DIfferent battle...but i feel like i win :)

  2. I struggle with this too, in fact I think we all do. When the boy was a little younger I would offer nutritious alternatives such as avocado, but these days I try and stick to the 'eat it or don't but there's nothing else' school of thought, but its always hard. amber :)