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September 27, 2011

To Life! To Life! L'chaim!

While I am not actually Jewish, I do have a keen appreciation for the film Fiddler on the Roof, hence the title of this post, but it's just so fitting and the tune FAR TOO CATCHY that I couldn't resist using it here on the blog. Either that or I'm searching for a reason to strut around my house doing the dance to If I Were A Rich Man, but then my milk would be flying all over the living room while the neighbors ran away screaming. And now I'm going to stop before this gets any more inappropriate. [Look! I just showed restraint! What has motherhood done to me?!]

Now that I have that song firmly stuck in my head, I can tell all of you that the last couple weeks have been filled to the brim with life. Naturally, when I say life I am, in fact, referring to laundry, dishes, playing trucks, nursing, and making sweet love to gallon after gallon of Diet Pepsi.

Jonathan and I are starting to get the hang of life with two kids, or so my clean kitchen and living room would seem to indicate. That said, my exhaustion levels are dangerously high these days, but somehow I'm still finding the motivation to exercise mostly because I have been informed that I can't exclusively wear yoga pants for the remainder of my existence. Pity.

Nathaniel is absolutely loving life with his little sister. In fact, he loves her so much that he insists that she is awake EVERY SINGLE MOMENT after he is released to terrorize the house. This usually includes shaking her high chair and screaming BABY! at the top of his lungs until he sees her wake up. As he giggles to himself about what a clever little boy he is to know exactly how to wake his sister, he is scooped up and taken away to the great and mighty land of Time Out, where I am apparently the tyrant ruler.

Hear me roar.

Despite being forced to endure an insurmountable number of trucks being "shared" with her every day, Evelyn is thriving. That tiny girl that I held in my arms at the hospital is now a strong baby with a penchant for the color pink and anything even remotely related to milk, boobs, or Fiddler on the Roof.
Those Big Blue Eyes
And while I may have just made that last part up, cut me some slack here, folks. It's late and I just guzzled another can of Diet Pepsi, but who am I kidding? You guys already knew that! Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to get my dancing shoes on and make sure the neighbors are watching before I break out my crazy moves.

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  1. Momma you are incredible - My babe is 5 months now and I'm still not exercising like I should!! Your doing great, but make time to rest, that's important too! Amber :)