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September 15, 2011


Happy Snacks
Lately, things have been crazy around here. We've been enjoying lots of giggles and waves from a toddler who is thrilled to learn new things, such as the fact that his closet shelves also double as monkey bars. 
Knowing that the days of cradling a tiny baby will be gone far too quickly, I am soaking up each precious moment with Evelyn and continuing to deny the existence of the nine loads of clean laundry which have now overtaken my bedroom. I wish I was exaggerating.
Boppy Love
Thanks to one of my sweet friends (and those of you who weighed-in on the fan page), Evelyn now enjoys the use of a Boppy for tummy time. My back would also like to thank this particular friend since the Boppy also discourages my chronically poor posture while nursing. Less back pain makes this mommy a happy camper and significantly less dependent on chocolate and Elmo reruns to survive the day.
Toddlerhood = Tantrums
Although Nathaniel has decided that his little sister ranks right up there with his collection of toy trucks, adding another small person to the mix hasn't been without it's challenges. In addition to a shocking decibel of toddler screams (some of which only dogs can hear), we are now enjoying regularly scheduled time-outs.
High Chair Naps
Though she may be the only one doing so these days, Evelyn adores her sleep. It sends me back to those days in college... the ones where I actually had time to sleep. The glory of it! The sheer luxury! Sign me up for dorm life!

While I long for the time when I will have an entire night of sleep once again, those 3am feedings just don't quite bother me as much now. Evelyn will only be small for a short time. Besides, the lack of sleep is an excellent excuse to continue my life-or-death dependance on caffeine. BRING ON THE COFFEE.


  1. What precious photos! Glad you are all adjusting well.

  2. Oh your family is so stinkin adorable! Hope you get some sleep and continue to enjoy these moments! :D

  3. Photos are great, hope you get more sleep....